Evening on board in Bodrum.

Day 1: Bodrum
Boarding starts at 15:30.  If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at our office.  Our boat will be anchored at Bodrum Port for the first night. 
Before and after dinner, you can explore this spectacular “Turkish Riviera”, rich with history and great stores for souvenirs.
With its history dating back to the 12th century BC, Bodrum (ancient name:  Halicarnassus) is the birthplace of Herodutus, the “Father of History”, who lived here during the 5th century BC.  Bodrumwill greet you with the Mausoleum of King Mausolus (350 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, St. Peter’s Castle built by the Knights Hospitallerof Rhodes(Knights of St. John),inthe 14th centuryusing the columns and reliefs from the Mausoleum. Also don’t missthe Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology located inside the castle which is the biggest museum in the world devoted to underwater archeology, and an Amphitheatre with a capacity of 13,000 seats, still hosting many shows and concerts.
Day 2: Knidos (Cnidus) and Cati Bay
After your breakfast, we will set off for Knidos (or Cnidus) to visit this ancient city.  Knidos was founded in around 360 BC by the Carians at the tip of the Datca Peninsula, which separates the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.  As you walk among the ruins perched on top of a hill, you will have breathtaking views of the two seas shimmering under the sun, the Triopian Island separated from the mainland by an isthmus, and two harbours that were used as a military harbour and a trade harbour.  You will see the remains of the agora, the theatre, anodeum, a temple of Dionysus, a temple of the Muses, a temple of Aphrodite, and the largest sun clock of its time.  Knidos was famous for its naked Aphrodite statue sculpted by Praxiteles. The famous architect of the Alexandrian Lighthouse (also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), Sostrates is from Knidos.
Our next destination is Cati Bay where we will spend the rest of the day andsleep under the stars. Cati is a beautiful natural harbor surrounded with pine trees.  Either jump into the pool-likesea with beautiful green and blue colors, or take a stroll through the pine forest.
Day 3: Yediadalar (Seven Islands) and English Harbour
After breakfast, we leave Cati Bay to explore Yediadalar (Seven Islands).  Yediadalar are a chain of six big and many small islands, and coral reefslocated very close to the shore.  Each island has its own beauty, presenting you with beautiful beaches, pine forests, or beautiful styrax (or storax, sweet gum, liquid-amber) trees, which are only native to this region, and have provided resin to make perfumes and incense since antiquity. The locals extract the sap from the sweetgum trees to produce storax, which is used for medicinal purposes.  At an American Chemical Society Meeting in 2006, chemists reported evidence that the seeds of the sweetfum fruit contain shikimic acid, the acid used to produce the main antiviral agent for fighting bird flu.
There are secluded beaches and coves where you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.  
After lunch, we leave for English Harbour to spend the evening and the night.  This beautiful harbor was named English Harbour after British torpedo boats hid here during WWII.  There are great walking paths along the shore.  It is also a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling.
Day 4: Tuzla Bay and Ballisu
We leave English Harbor and head for Tuzla Bay.  Before lunch, make sure to jump into the turquoise blue waters of this beautiful bay.  After lunch at Tuzla Bay, we take a few short stops for swimming before dinner, and head for Ballisu.  Ballisu (meaning “honeyed water”) is another natural beauty that you will enjoy.  We overnight at Ballisu. 
Day 5: Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach, and Karacasogut
After breakfast at Ballisu, we leave for the beautiful Cleopatra Beach on Sedir Island.  Legend says, this beach was the private beach for Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.  March Anthony had the sand delivered from the Northern shores of Africa to please Cleopatra.  The sand is made out of perfectly sphere-shaped white seashells which give the water an unbelievable light blue color. The sand feels very soft to the touch.  In addition to swimming in this lagoon, you can explore a number of Roman ruins under the shades of pine and olive trees, while enjoying the chickens running around the ruins looking for food.  
These Roman ruins belonged to the ancient city of Kadrae from the 4th century BC.
There is a beautiful amphitheatre with a gorgeous view of the island.  
After Sedir Island, we take off for Karacasogut for the evening and overnight.  There is a marina by the Global Sailing Academy, a quay and a village surrounded by pine, olive, and citrus trees.  Water, power, and laundry services are available.  There are markets and a bakery for your needs.  The town of Marmaris is only 22 kilometers away and transportation can be arranged to visit Marmaris.  You can also visit the caves and the waterfalls in the area, and take a path to Okluk Bay nearby to see an ancient castle on the hill and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Day 6: Akbuk Bay and Cokertme
From Karacasogut, we go to Akbuk for a short stop.  Akbuk is famous for its crystal clear light blue waters.  There is a small lake right behind the bay.
There is a little pier and a few restaurants.  You can explore the ruins of the Keramus, once famous for its ceramic work.   There is a well-preserved Rhodean watch tower. You can jump off the boat and swim to the shore, while your fellow passengers on the boat send you the ice cream boat to serve you a delicious ice cream bar. The area is still unspoiled thanks to legal protection limiting housing development.  
From Akbuk, we head to Cokertme for the evening, a beautiful friendly seashore village in a little cove with wonderful restaurants. You can have a drink or eat fresh fish and then watch the local people weaving carpets.
Day 7: Orak Island and return to Bodrum
After breakfast at Cokertme, we move to Orak Island to swim and snorkel before lunch.  Orak Island, with its calm crystal clear waters, sheltered coves, and beautiful olive trees, is perfect for swimmers and divers. Although there is no settlement here, it is a favorite among boaters. 
We return to Bodrum in the afternoon for dinner and overnight.
Day 8: Bodrum
After your breakfast on board, you will have time to pack and disembark around noon.  If you have time before your flight, make sure to walk around Bodrum to enjoy the scenery, historic places and the shops- anything you may have missed, or especially loved, on the first day of your tour.  
The itinerary given above is not a fixed itinerary.  As a private boat charter, your group can decide where to go, where to overnight, where to swim.