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General Description of Gulet Charter

Information About Gulet Charter and Blue Voyages What is a Blue Voyage?

One of the most spectacular ways to see the Aegean and Mediterranean unspoilt coastline of Turkey is taking a Blue Voyage (also called Blue Cruise, “Mavi Yolculuk” in Turkish). You can choose one of the many beautiful routes that we offer, or choose your own to travel for a week or more. Let the crew of the beautiful wooden gulet take care of you. Every day the captain will take you to little secluded coves, small fishing villages, little towns, and marinas. From Bodrum to Antalya, every spot you anchor, you will find amphitheaters, churches, markets, fortresses, tombs, ancient towns to explore either sunken under the sea or perched on a small island. They are the remains of the Lydian, Lycian, Carian, Hellenic, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. Many ancient sites such as Cleopatra’s Island, Knidos, Caunos, Patara, and Kekova are reachable by gulet. Others, such as Ephesus, Dydima, Miletus, Xanthos and Aspendos can be easily reached via bus from the shore towns. Your captain chooses quiet coves to spend the night so that you have a good night sleep either in your comfortable cabin or on the deck under the million stars – it is your choice. You jump into the crystal clear waters to refresh in the morning while the chef prepares you the finest, healthiest breakfast you can imagine. The chef cooks fresh meals three times a day. But, since he anticipates that you might be hungry after all the swimming and sightseeing, he prepares a small dessert or cake for the afternoon high tea/coffee time. During sunset, you can sip your cocktails or wine and munch on fresh fruit and nuts, while the crew is busy getting your dinner table ready with fine china. You swim. You snorkel. You catch fish. You kayak. You rest. You read. You talk to your friends. You dance and sing if you want. If you want a glass of wine, just ask. Sometimes, small boats arrive next to your gulet offering ice cream, gozleme (thin dough filled with spinach and cheese), souvenirs, or motor water sports. When you anchor, you can go to the shore and explore the coves, villages, or historic sites. You interact with villagers who might offer you fresh tomatoes or cucumbers right from their garden. At the end of your Gulet Charter, just ask yourself, is this the best vacation you ever had? …while showing off your bronze tan and all rested and relaxed body.

Our Gulets

Our motorsailor boats are called gulets, all hand-made from pine and oak. They range in size from 14 to 56 meters, equipped with 2 to 12 cabins. They accommodate 4 to 32 persons, some with en-suite bathrooms with showers and toilets, and some with shared facilities. Gulets are especially suited for cruising the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines, and they have many features designed for these regions. They are built in Bodrum or Marmaris. All Turkish gulets have comfortable roomy cabins, indoor seating area and indoor table, spacious outdoor dining facilities and sheltered aft decks. There is plenty of space for relaxing, sunbathing, and sleeping under the stars. Beamy hulls and headroom provide lots of space above and below decks.


All our boats are fully crewed with a captain, a chef, and one or two deck hands. Your captain takes you to beautiful locations at least twice a day. Your chef prepares delicious meals from the freshest food possible. Deckhands are responsible for cleaning of the common areas and the cabins daily, serving food and drinks, and are ready to answer to any of your needs. Our crew is always ready to give you the best vacation you can dream of.

Best Months for Blue Voyage and Gulet Charter

Warm climate in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions in Turkey enables six months of Blue Voyage, starting in April and ending in October. The busiest season and hottest monthsfor Gulet Charter are July and August , which are perfect if you do not mind the temperature, but love swimming any time of the day. May and September provide balmy weather and fewer crowds on the shores. April and October still offer 8 to 9 hours of sunshine every day with perfect weather for hiking, shopping, and some swimming.