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Life On Gulet Board


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Just think of yourself surrounded with family and/or friends or wonderful travelers like yourself: You wake up in the morning – early so as not to miss the sunrise over the sea, watching the sea turning gray to azure blue, smelling fresh coffee and tea, listening to the clatter in the galley with anticipation of a great breakfast. You quickly put your bathing suit on and jump into the sea, so blue and so clear that you see every pebble and every little fish swimming deep in the water.

After that refreshing swim, you climb on to the boat, dripping salty Mediterranean water that smooths your skin better than any skin lotion you can buy. A long table filled with the freshest breakfast items is awaiting you and your friends while two of the crew are ready to serve you. You can take another dip in the water after breakfast, or just start reading your book. You look around the little cove that you just anchored at the evening before. It is so serene and so beautiful. Breathe in that salty sea air and let go.

The boat you are on now is your home for the next 7 days. It is called a gulet. This is a traditional two-mastedwooden sailing boat. It is made in Turkey, probably in Bodrum or in Bozburun. It is very comfortable with a rounded aft with lots of cushions and a big table for meals and a comfortable front for evening cocktails and sun tanning. In between, there is a covered sitting area in case of bad weather (very rare!) and a staircase to the cabins, a chest-high deck filled with sun mattresses that you can choose to sleep on at night to watch the stars and the moon.

After breakfast, your gulet captain takes you to another little cove with pines reaching over the sea, casting their shadows over the rocks and the blue water. If you wish, you can spend all afternoon, evening and night here. Or, after a good swim, snorkeling, or kayaking, a delicious lunch and a glass of wine, your captain can take you toyet another cove for the evening. While you are resting in the afternoon, an ice cream boat or a boat filled with souvenirs approaches. A village woman hands over wonderful handmade embroidered tunics, scarves, and Turkish towels so you can try them on in the gulet. All you have to do is to go to your gulet cabin to find your wallet …you might have forgotten that it exists in the last several days.

blue cruise life onboard

For me, the evening is the best time. First, you get that tingling sensation of the sun tan on your back, a bit of tiredness from swimming, feeling refreshed from the sea water (do not take a shower if you prefer to let the salty sea water do wonders on your skin) or from the shower you just took. You and your fellow travelers gather in front of the boat, while munching on hazelnuts and fresh fruit and sipping your cocktails. Again, the clattering noise from the galley makes you hungry and you wonder what kind of food will be served on fine china tonight.

After dinner, you can choose to sing, dance, read books, chat with your blue voyagers, or just drift yourself to sleep. Or do it all. The night is yours. Until you wake up to watch the sunrise once again.
It does not matter
which route you take on Blue Voyage, you will end up marveling at the span of history mingled with the beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean coastline. Do not get surprised if you encounter some ruins on a little island that your gulet is tied to for an afternoon break. Do not get surprised if your captain does not even know what it is. But, there are always books to refer to or ask the locals. They can tell you the entire history including the myth surrounding the area.

You witness spectacular landscapes, tall Taurus Mountains in the backdrop,all shades of green and blue waters, cooling waterfalls, perfect sunrises, calming sunsets, and incredible night sky are very hard to put into words.