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Special Gulet Charter Tours


Admiral Tours provides you a wonderful experience of visiting Turkey within the comfort of cruising on a private gulet. You will have thousands of years of history unfolding in front of you as you move from one cove to another dotted with ancient sites. You will have a 360-degree vista with crystal clear blue waters, the greenest pine trees reaching to the blue sea, cascading mountains with all shades of purple and gray in the background. You can add to all this beauty another amazing experience by choosing from one of our Special Blue Voyage Tours below:
1. Wedding and Honeymoon
2. Walking and Biking
3. Turkish Culinary Experience
4. Educational Study (history/archeology, photography, film)
5. Business Retreat/Incentives

Wedding & Honeymoon Blue Voyage
Think about your romantic wedding ceremony on a boat with a gorgeous vista followed by a week of honeymoon. We can arrange one or more boats for your family and guests to join you on your wedding day. You can choose a quiet, small wedding or you can party all night to the music. You can choose to jump into the cool waters of the Mediterranean to refresh yourself. We work on the details of your wedding with you so everything will be ready for your dream day when you arrive. After the ceremony, you can continue to explore the Turkish coastline with your party or on your own. And your family and guests can have their own blue voyage. We can help you arrange land excursions and hotels for your visit to Turkey.

Walking/Biking/Cruising Blue Voyage
If you like outdoor sports in addition to water sports, this Blue Voyage is for you. We offer excellent hiking/trekking/walking tours and mountain biking adventures on the Taurus Mountains. We will anchor at the right spots that are only accessible by sea. After your adventures on land, you can come back to the boat for a cool dip in the sea and a cold glass of wine before you indulge in your well-deserved dinner. Our land adventures can be customized for different age groups and fitness levels.

Turkish Culinary Experience – Cooking Classes on your Blue Voyage
Would you like to learn how our chef prepares wonderful dishes from the wide selection of Turkish Cuisine with the influences ranging from the depths of Anatolia to the kitchens of the Topkapi Palace? This special Blue Voyage is definitely for you. Every day, we can take you through all the steps of preparing your lunch or dinner. And you get to eat what you prepare. All food on board is very healthy and is prepared with the freshest ingredients. We will provide you with all the recipes of the foods you prepare on board. After our cooking lesson, you can go back to your swimming, sipping your cocktails, or reading your book, while we finalize the cooking and serve your own delicious meal that we create together. If you catch your own fish, we clean it for you and we can do BBQ on board.

Educational Study Blue Voyage (History/Archeology, Photography, Film)
If you’d like to learn the history of the region and Turkey or gain some skills in photography or filming, we have experts that come on board and accompany you throughout your Blue Voyage. You will be spending countless hours with our experts via lectures, field trips, and casual conversations. You will learn that the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas hold thousands of years of history still waiting to be excavated (you are only seeing what is excavated so far). You will learn the wonderful stories from Greek and Roman Mythology. With photography and filming, you will learn the best hours to take pictures, the best ways to film your vacation and how to put it all together into a great show for your family and friends back home.

Business Retreat/Incentives Blue Voyage
One of the innovative ways to improve your business, to encourage, motivate, and gain the trust of your employees is to spend time with them outside the business environment. We offer our beautiful gulets equipped with necessary materials and tools you specify to make the Blue Voyage a true experience for all of you. This business retreat not only provides you with a relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other better, it also encourages employees to share their ideas and innovations during conversations with all levels of management. What is better than a Blue Voyage itself to think outside the box? You are not on land anymore!