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From the moment the host picked us up in Izmir we knew we had made the right choice in choosing your agency. When we arrived at the Mehmet Usta we could barely contain our happiness and surprise at the beauty and comfort of the yacht which would be our splendorous home for the next week. The staff was EXCELLENT! Again, thank you. Warmest regards,[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Mr. Shulamit R. Geri” subtitle=”Russia”]I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience, exceeding all our expectations, starting with the most welcoming crew, that were truly dedicated to spoiling us, their good manners and positive attitude, the great cooking conducted by the chef! and the impeccable state of the boat – all for which we are grateful and would like to thank you and your team. Thank you very much and I am certain we will look you up and retain your good services in the future. Best regards,[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Mr. Maria Wright” subtitle=”England”]Where do I begin to even try and thank you and your most wonderful crew for making our holiday such a wonderful and memorable experience. From the moment we stepped onto the beautiful Karina we were treated exceptionally. The crew did everything possible to make us comfortable and we honestly felt we were treated the same as being in a 5 star hotel. They were attentive and discrete at the same time. With kindest regards[/cmsms_quote][/cmsms_quotes][/cmsms_column][cmsms_column data_width=”1/3″][cmsms_icon_box box_type=”cmsms_icon_box_left_top” title=”News” heading_type=”h3″ box_icon_type=”icon” box_icon=”cmsms-icon-message” box_icon_size=”30″ box_icon_space=”50″ box_icon_border_width=”1″ box_icon_border_radius=”50%” box_icon_bg_color=”#5173a6″ box_icon_bd_color=”#878787″ box_border_width=”2″ box_bg_color=”#ffffff” box_bd_color=”#919191″ animation_delay=”0″]When it comes to gulet charter, Bodrum plays very important role with its gulet production shipyards and world famous gulets. Admiral Tours, gulet charter specialist in Bodrum offers crewed gulet charters. Admiral Tours gulets are traditional wooden caiques, ketches and cutters made of pine,oak, mahogany. Their spacious decks provide out of door living and dining.[/cmsms_icon_box][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row][cmsms_row data_width=”boxed” data_color=”fourth” data_bg_color=”#62aed6″ data_padding_top=”10″ data_padding_bottom=”10″][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_heading type=”h4″ font_weight=”normal” font_style=”normal” text_align=”left” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ animation_delay=”0″]ADMIRAL TOURS GULET CHARTER AGENCY[/cmsms_heading][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]

Your travel to Turkey can never be complete if you do not take a gulet holiday (also called Blue Voyage, Blue Cruise, or “Mavi Yolculuk” in Turkish) in Turkey.  It is the best way to relax when you spend a week on a boat cruising the Aegean or the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey admiring the natural beauty, sampling the freshest and the best of Turkish cuisine, and exploring more than 100 historical places in Turkey  (such as Cleopatra’s Beach, Kindos, Kekova, and Patara) just a few steps away from your boat or even visible under the water.

Based in Bodrum, Turkey, Admiral Tour specializes in Blue Cruises (Blue Voyages) in the South Aegean (such as Blue Voyage in Bodrum Gokova region) , Mediterranean coastlines of Turkey and the Greek Islands. Our motorsailor boats are called Turkish gulets, all hand-made from pine and oak. Our gulets range in size from 14 to 56 meters, equipped with 2 to 12 cabins. They accommodate 4 to 32 persons, some with en-suite bathrooms with showers and toilets.

Either a Gulet tour from Bodrum or from Antalya, every spot you anchor, you will find amphitheaters, churches, markets, fortresses, tombs, ancient towns to explore either sunken under the sea or perched on a small island. They are the remains of the Lydian, Lycian, Carian, Hellenic, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. Admiral Tours provides private gulet tours or charter gulet tours for you to have a wonderful experience while visiting Turkey.  You will have thousands of years of history unfolding in front of you as you move from one cove to another dotted with ancient sites.  You will have a 360-degree vista with crystal clear blue waters, the greenest pine trees reaching to the blue sea, cascading mountains with all shades of purple and gray in the background.

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Gulet charter specialist agency Admiral tours located in Bodrum-Turkey, offers you crewed yacht charter in Turkey.
+90 252 316 17 81   Eski Banka Sok. No:35 Bodrum / Turkey

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