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Turkish Cuisine on Gulet Board


No Blue Voyage is going to be spectacular, if we do not offer you the best Turkish food possible. Turkish cuisine is one of the healthiest and diverse cuisines in the world. Due to its perfect climate, especially on the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline, Turkey grows almost all of its own vegetables and fruits. You will taste the freshness of all the ingredients in any meal you try in Turkey.

And a Blue Voyage goes one step further: You will be eating every meal out on the deck breathing in fresh salty air, sitting just next to the azure blue waters, with spectacular views of the Taurus Mountains, pine trees, goats climbing on the hills, and the fish gathering around the boat with the hope that you will be throwing some bread pieces for them.
Your morning breakfast includes a traditional Turkish breakfast, sometimes with your chef’s creations of pancakes or crepes. Turkish breakfast includes a variety of cheeses including white cheese ( same as feta cheese, “BeyazPeynir” in Turkish), kasar cheese, and other local varieties, black and/or green olives, sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), eggs, honey, jams made with whole fruits glistening under the sun, mouth-watering tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, butter that tastes like the real butter, bread, tea and coffee.

Lunch and dinner is usually light and refreshing. Our chef prepares you a variety of vegetable dishes with olive oil that you feel the silkiness of theeggplant, earthy taste of the green beans, softness of zucchini, and crunchiness of peppers in your mouth. They are sometimes topped with garlicky yogurt sauce, or cooked with tomatoes. You will get to taste the best dolma (either stuffed grape leaves or peppers), potato salads, and bean salads. There is always salad with lunch and dinner, sometimes served just drizzled with pomegranate molasses and olive oil. Refreshingly cold and delicious yogurt is the staple of all your lunches and dinners. Meat dishes include kofte (minced meat with spices), lamb chops, grilled chicken, fish, octopus and calamari. Your seafood usually comes from the crew’s daily catch or your own.

For dessert, seasonal fruit platters will delight you. Or your chef prepares wonderful Turkish desserts, or just simply serves toasted almonds soaked in honey.

Every day, at your 5-o’clock tea time, you will be rejuvenated with freshly baked chocolate cake, pastries, or cookies with coffee and tea.
Don’t forget the cocktail hour, where you will have small platters or fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts with your wine, beer, or cocktail.
Besides the meals you eat on the boat, you get to taste the local food when you visit the villages and restaurants on your route.
If you like to learn more about the Turkish Cuisine and its history, and if you want to take cooking lessons on the boat, please join us on our Turkish Culinary Blue Voyage.

Bon Appetit! Afiyet Olsun!